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Forest Management

Grezenski Forest Products, Inc. provides a comprehensive package of forest management services to private timberland owners. The services we offer are:

  • Timber Sale Set Up-Marking, Cruising, and Boundary Line establishment
  • Road Layout, Design and Improvement
  • Managed Forest Law Plans
  • Food Plot Establishment
  • Tree Farm Management Plans

Grezenski Forest Products, Inc. company foresters must have academic training, continued education and maintain their certifications. All foresters have a minimum Bachelors of Science and maintain Cooperating Forester status with the WI-DNR. This education, paired with years of experience, allows us to guide landowners through the process of initial site visits, harvest recommendations, contract development, harvesting, and payment. It can seem like a daunting task, but working with Grezenski Forest Products you can rest assured you will get professional forestry assistance that is rooted in sustainable and ethical practices to meet the objectives you have laid out for your property.

Timber Harvesting

Grezenski Forest Products started as a logging company many years ago, and we still maintain our roots there. Landowners work with our Foresters to develop a harvest plan that suits them and their woodlot. These objectives can range from wildlife habitat, aesthetics, economic returns, or recreation. It all starts with why you own your property, and how you would like to use it. Once the harvest plan is in place, the forester will mark the timber, establish property lines, layout roads, etc. When the job is ready for harvest, one of our experienced logging crews will begin harvesting. During harvesting the forester in charge of the job will be monitoring the sale periodically to ensure the job is being done according to landowner specifications Wisconsin Best Management Practices. Our logging crews show professionalism and hold high standards in the harvesting that is being done. Hauling is completed by our fleet of trucks, and each load is accounted for through mill slips provided to the landowner.


We provide our clients with high quality, uniformed, beyond standard lumber that fits the specifications they are requesting based on the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) guidelines.

Grezenski Forest Products, Inc. also provides cuts to order services for requested specific species. Please contact us to help with your specific needs or visit our lumber page to find out what hardwoods we currently offer cut to order.

Bulk Sales

Mulch-seasonal, call for availability
With a maximum truckload of 22 yards, our trucking service can deliver our customers with great quality, pallet-free, all-natural mulch for their specific landscaping needs.

Chips-seasonal, call for availability
We chip, all-natural hardwood that is also dye and chemical free, great for any landscaping project. We also chip Aspen and Basswood for playgrounds and other play areas, meeting the specific needs and requirements for schools, day cares, etc. Delivery service is available.

We manufacture and can deliver sawdust. Our farmers love it!


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